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Internationalism Overview

The Office of International Affairs

The Office of International Affairs () is a strategic link between the University and stakeholders located internationally. It works under Collaboration Cell and facilitates implementation of the internationalization strategy of the University and its constituent community. International linkages are crucial for driving the agenda of:

Cutting edge globally benchmarked academic research

Student, faculty and staff outreach

A broader culture of diversity across the University.

Desk Incharge

Dr.Ravindra Pathak


Education which inculates global awareness is the need of the hour.Globalization demands an education system which sensitizes individuals to global issues, and enables them to think beyond borders. The Office of International Affairs at the Medi-Caps University is a nodal agency that co-ordinates all the activities related to the admission of International Students through a unique single window system. The University has one of the best campuses in the central India with well-planned infrastructure. Its portals offer a multi and interdisciplinary educational environment, with advanced research and state of the art technological facilities. The International Centre showcases the educational opportunities available at the University. The Centre has been responsible for promoting the Medi-Caps University as a leading learning destination for International Students, with worldwide repute for International Students. Students from all over the world are welcome here. We are happy to have these students who, we hope, will become citizens of the world and go back to their countries as international representatives, carrying knowledge and wisdom from this ancient civilization and a young and modern state back to their countries.


How we help you


to improve our relationship with our existing foreign partner institutions, to make new connections, and to explore potential new avenues of cooperation.

International Programmes

to develop international programmes that can be implemented both in both organizations, with participation from the students, faculty, and staff of the University.


to encourage a more active participation in international activities on the part of the University's faculty and staff.


for the purpose of facilitating international academic mobility, which includes exchange education, exchanges of students for research purposes, exchanges aimed at improving competency in intercultural communication, international educational network projects, and cooperative educational programmes.

Global Education

Education will be made more global, and international students attending the Medi-Caps University will get support and have integration into campus life and academic programmes facilitated.

Global Strategies

to develop and put into action strategies and guidelines that will improve the University's standing and position in the global community.

International Visits

coordinating the outward trips of organizations as well as managing their overseas travels.

Quality Research

Providing assistance to the educational and research endeavors of the university.

Types of Activities

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AB Road, Pigdamber, Rau, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 453331


+917314259500, 2856294 +917314259501

News & Features

2nd IEEE IC4

The faculty of Engineering conducted the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control (IC4-2024) at Medicaps University in Indore. The event commenced with a warm welcome to all the guests, including the chief guest, Shri Asheesh Singh, participants, keynote speakers, and the entire Medicaps family. The esteemed presence of the Chancellor, Shri R.C. Mittal, and Vice Chancellor, Dr. D.K. Patnaik, added to the auspicious atmosphere.

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