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Shri R.C. Mittal

Collaborative Research at Medi-Caps University: Enhancing Innovation and Knowledge Exchange.

Medi-Caps University is dedicated to enhancing research capabilities and providing opportunities for knowledge exchange through collaborative research with national and international universities, funding agencies, and industries. These collaborations facilitate access to funding and resources, resulting in significant research outcomes, patents, publications, and industry partnerships. The collaborations span across diverse fields such as engineering, management, pharmacy, and computer science, and involve joint research projects, training programs, and academic exchange programs. These partnerships have positioned the institution as a leading research center in the region.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance and Recruitment Support for Faculty Research Projects

Medi-Caps University provides a financial assistant program to support its faculties in their research projects. The program offers seed money to every faculty member to kickstart their project and helps them throughout the process. The seed money is meant to cover the initial expenses of the project, such as research materials, equipment, and other necessary items.
In addition to the seed money, the university also provides recruitment support for the faculty members. The program helps them to find suitable Senior Research Fellows (SRF) and Junior Research Fellows (JRF) to work on their funded projects. This recruitment process is done quickly to ensure that the project timeline is not affected and that the research can proceed efficiently.

Apply for Financial Assistance

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Faculty Research Interest

EMAIL Name DEPARTMENT Academic Qualification RESEARCH AREA PUBLICATION IN LAST 5 YEARS Willingness of research collaboration ?
rekha.jain@medicaps.ac.in Dr Rekha Jain Mathematics PhD Function analysis, Statistics, Graph theory 2 Yes
ritesh.joshi@medicaps.ac.in Ritesh Joshi Computer Applications MCA, MTech CSE, Phd (Thesis submitted) DAVV Emotion Computation, EEG based Emotion Detection, Machine Learning, AI, Neural Network 4 Yes
binod.mishra@medicaps.ac.in Binod Kumar Mishra Computer Science and Engineering B.E , M.Tech (CSE) Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning 1 Yes
deanengg@medicaps.ac.in Dr Suresh Jain CSE B.E., M.E., PhD(CS) NLP, AI, Data Analytics, Computer Vision 12
saurabh.jain@medicaps.ac.in Dr Saurabh Jain Electronics Engineering PhD Automation Robotics IoT 4 Yes
mahesh.dhonde@medicaps.ac.in MAHESH DHONDE Physics PhD Dye-sensitized solar cells, Electrochemical Energy Conversion & storage, renewable energy 13 Yes
awdheshsingh.bhadoriya@medicaps.ac.in Awdhesh Singh Bhadoriya Languages Phd pursuing English Literature No Yes
murali.matcha@medicaps.ac.in Dr. M. MURALI Electrical Engineering Ph.D Power system operation and Control, Power Systems Optimization, Renewable Energy sources, Deregulated Power Systems 33 Yes
manish.thakur@medicaps.ac.in Manish Thakur Mechanical engineering M TECH Machine Design,Mechanical Vibration,Condition monitoring 3 Yes
ravindra.pathak@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Ravindra Pathak Mechanical Engineering Ph.D Supply chain Management, Industry 4.0, Waste Management, Mechanical Design 13 Yes
devendra.patel@medicaps.ac.in Devendra Patel Mechanical Engg M.E Cutting Parameter optimization, Computer added Manufacturing, Advance Machining 2 Yes
rita.nagwal@medicaps.ac.in Rita Nagwal Mechanical department Ph. d pursuing Industry 4.0 and supply chain management 3 Yes
hodme@medicaps.ac.in Rajendra Kumar Shukla Mechanical Engineering Ph.D Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Operation Management, Process Planning 10 Yes
neelesh.sahu@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Neelesh Kumar Sahu Mechanical Engineering PhD Machining of Super alloys, Condition monitoring, Optimization, nanomaterials 25 Yes
ram.bansal@medicaps.ac.in Ram Bansal Mechanical Engineering M. Tech. Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle, Vehicle Dynamics, IC Engine 14 Yes
shubham.soni@medicaps.ac.in Shubham Soni Mechanical engineering PhD pursuing Alternate refrigerants, energy analysis, exergy analysis, renewable energy 5 Yes
rahul.thakur01@medicaps.ac.in Rahul Thakur Mechanical engineering M.Tech. Design & engineering materials Nil Yes
anshuman.purohit@medicaps.ac.in Anshuman Purohit MECHANICAL M.E. Design & Thermal NIL Yes
rajendra.sharma@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Rajendra Kumar Sharma CHEMISTRY M.Sc. Chemistry (Specialization-Physical Chemistry), NET, Ph.D. Computational Chemistry, Water Analysis 03 Papers Yes
rajesh.arya@medicaps.ac.in Rajesh Arya Electrical Engineering PhD Power System Reliability, Distribution System, Microgrid, Renewable Systems 11 Yes
deepali.biniwale@medicaps.ac.in Deepali Biniwale Mathematics M. Sc Reliability 2 No
mousumi.kar@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Mousumi Kar Pillai Faculty of Pharmacy M.Pharm, Ph.D Pharmaceutical Sciences 10 Yes
hodmgmt@medicaps.ac.in Professor (Dr) Nitin Girdharwal MANAGEMENT MBA, HRM, Ph.D (HR), UGC-NET (Management) Spiritual Management, People Process, Organization Behavior 20 (SCOPUS / SCI / ABDC) Yes
vibha.tiwari@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Vibha Tiwari Electronics and Communication Ph.D. Image processing, Internet of Things 3 Yes
diksha.joshi@medicaps.ac.in Diksha Joshi Pharmacy Master of Pharmacy Pharmaceutics 2 Yes
sumeet.prachand@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Sumeet Prachand Pharmacy PhD Synthesis, Drug Design and Biological Evaluation 7 Yes
khushboo.arora@medicaps.ac.in Khushboo Arora Pharmacy Post Graduate Synthesis, Characterization, Evaluation, Quality Control 3 Yes
abhinav.pathak@medicaps.ac.in Abhinav Pathak Electrical Engineering ME Power system inter area modes 5 No
prabhat.patel@medicaps.ac.in Prabhat Patel Mechanical Engineering BE, ME (PhD Pursuing) Heat Engine Optimization 02 Yes
nikita.thora@medicaps.ac.in NIKITA THORA CIVIL ENGINEERING M Tech Structure and Concrete Technology 15 Yes
vinay.joshi@medicaps.ac.in Vinay Joshi Civil engineering M. Tech. Yes
devendrasingh.bais@medicaps.ac.in Devendra Singh Bais Electronics Engineering M Tech Embedded Systems, IoT and Machine Learning 0 Yes
compliances@medicaps.ac.in Dr Sanjay Jain Faculty of Pharmacy PhD Phytochemistry, Plant tissue culture, preclinical trials of herbal formulations 15 Yes
hemant.khambete@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Hemant Khambete Pharmacy Ph.D. Novel Drug delivery Systems, semi Solid dosage form 8 Yes
malti.verma@medicaps.ac.in Malti baghel CSE M Tech Formal verification 1 Yes
prashant.panse@medicaps.ac.in Ganesh Patidar CSE M.E. (Software Engineering) Software Engineering Cloud Computing, Algorithm 0 Yes
hitesh.kag@medicaps.ac.in Hitesh Kag CSE M.Tech Machine Learning 1 Yes
navneet.chouhan@medicaps.ac.in Navneet Chouhan EC M.Tech VLSI design and algorithms 0 Yes
juned.siddiqui@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Juned Ahmed Siddiqui Electronics Engineering PhD Thermal Nondestructive testing, Image and signal processing, optimization 8 Yes
anand.yadav@medicaps.ac.in Anand Yadav Physics Ph. D. Material Science, Metal Oxides, Condensed Matter Physics, Thin Film, Nano material synthesis and characterizations 21 Yes
sanjay.jathar@medicaps.ac.in Sanjay Jathar Mechanical Engg Master of Engineering (specialization: CIM) Not yet started! 3 No
surekha.nagrath@medicaps.ac.in DR.SUREKHA NAGRATH COMMERCE ph.D FINANCE 01 Yes
neha.kapil@medicaps.ac.in Neha Kapil EC M.TECH CYBER PHYSICAL SYSTEMS, NETWORK SECURITY 0 Yes
gaurav.sharma@medicaps.ac.in Gaurav Sharma Cse M tech (pursuing phd) Big data data 0 No
avinash.sharma@medicaps.ac.in Avinash Sharma Mechanical ME Design, Artificial Intelligence 3 Yes
sachet.jamliya@medicaps.ac.in Sachet Jamliya ECE M Tech VLSI 0 Yes
akbar.ali@medicaps.ac.in Akbar Ali Mechanical engineering ME Thermal Engineering, solar, wind 5 Yes
keerti.sharma@medicaps.ac.in Dr Keerti Acharya Mathematics PhD string, cosmology, Relativity, modelling 0 Yes
hasina.adil@medicaps.ac.in Hasina Adil Physics Ph.D. pursuing 5 Yes
hasina.adil@medicaps.ac.in Hasina Adil Physics Ph.D. pursuing Biophysics 5 Yes
santosh.raghuwanshi@medicaps.ac.in Santosh Raghuwanshi Electrical Engg M.E. Power Electronics, Drives, Reliability, PV system 10 No
neha.verma@medicaps.ac.in Neha Verma Electrical Engineering M.E. Energy, Renewable, Biofuel, Optimization, Environment 2 Yes
sunil.patidar@medicaps.ac.in Sunil Kumar Patidar Mechanical Engineering ME (design and Thermal) Thermal Engineering and Material science 2 Yes
ankit.saxena@medicaps.ac.in Dr Ankit Saxena Electronics Communication Phd (Eng), MBA (System/IT), M.E, BE, and Diploma Eng. Wireless, Mobile, Communications, Sensors, IOT 12 Yes
sneha.raghuvanshi@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Sneha Raghuvanshi Faculty of Management Ph. D (Management), MBA, M.COM Investment Avenues, Risk, Return 4 Yes
rahul.dravid@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Rahul Dravid Mathematics Ph. D Pure mathematics 2 Yes
dsw@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Shilpa Tripathi Mechanical Engineering PhD Environmental Engg & Management, chemical kinetics 05 Yes
animeshk.masih@medicaps.ac.in Animesh Kumar Masih Electrical Engineering M.E. Renewable energy, Power system, EV 3 Yes
aftab.khan@medicaps.ac.in AFTAB KHAN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND MANAGMENT M.E. Industrial Engineering, Operations research, operations management, quality managment 02 Yes
anil.patidar@medicaps.ac.in Anil Patidar Computer Applications M. Tech (CSE) Software Engineering Nil Yes
ashok.kumar@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta Mathematics Ph. D. Mathematical Modelling/Applied Mathematics/Atmospheric Environment/Technology Management/ NIL Yes
prachi.sathe@medicaps.ac.in AHSS LANGUAGES Ph D in English Literature diaspora literature 6 Yes
upasna.mishra@medicaps.ac.in Upasna Mishra Agriculture M.Sc. Agriculture Genetics and plant breeding 2 Yes
chaitanya.mishra@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Chaitanya Mishra Civil engineering PhD Structural engineering, concrete technology 12 Yes
dsrinivasa.rao@medicaps.ac.in Dr D.Srinivasa Rao MANET 5 Yes
pragya.lahori@medicaps.ac.in Ms. Pragya Lahori Pharmacy M. Pharma 0 Yes
ramjanm.singh@medicaps.ac.in Ram Janm Singh Mechanical M.E. (IEM) Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship 1 Yes
urvashi.sharma@medicaps.ac.in Urvashi Sharma Faculty of Pharmacy M.Pharmacy Formulation development, Herbal and Nanoformulation 14 Yes
shalini.modh@medicaps.ac.in Dr Shalini Modh Humanities Ph D English literature 3 Yes
anisha.jain@medicaps.ac.in Dr Anisha jain Languages PhD English Literature Six Yes
rinku.verma@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Rinku Verma Mathematics Ph.D Graph theory 0 Yes
sachin.puntambekar@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Sachin Puntambekar Electronics Engineering Ph. D. (Electronics Engg.) Non-Linear Control Systems, Adaptive Control 3 Yes
himani.hirvey@medicaps.ac.in Ms. Himani Hirvey Faculty of Pharmacy M.Pharm Drug designing and Synthesis 0 Yes
ashwinianandrao.patil@medicaps.ac.in Ashwini Patil Pharmacy M. Pharmacy Pharmaceutics(Formulation) 0 Yes
savitanandan.patidar@medicaps.ac.in Savitanandan Patidar Electronics M.E. VLSI , Image Processing 1 Yes
sanjivkumar.jain@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Jain EE Ph.D. Power System Security, ML, Renewable Energy, EDC 7 Yes
ram.bansal@medicaps.ac.in Ram Bansal Mechanical Engineering M.Tech Electric Vehicle, Hybrid Vehicle, Vehicle Dynamics, I C Engine 14 Yes
gaurav.sharma@medicaps.ac.in Gaurav sharma Cse M tech Big data 0 Yes
jyoti.pandey@medicaps.ac.in Dr Jyoti Pandey Pharmacy PhD Molecular Modelling, Docking, QSAR, Synthesis 4 Yes
jitendra.choudhary@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Jitendra Choudhary Department of Computer Science M.Tech. (CS), Ph.D. (CS) software maintenance extreme programming 0 Yes
kuber.gautam@medicaps.ac.in Kuber Datt Gautam CA MCA.MTech Cloud Security 0 Yes
priyanka.rathore@medicaps.ac.in Priyanka Parmar Computer Applications MCA 0 No
preeti.jain@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Preeti Jain Chemistry Ph D Environmental chemistry,nano material 9 Yes
ajay.sinha@medicaps.ac.in Ajay Sinha Civil Engineering M.Tech. Structural Engineering Seismic Resistant building, Sustainable and new age Civil engineering Materials 5 Yes
sindhubala.patel@medicaps.ac.in Sindhubala patel Computer Science M. Sc. CS DBMS, NOSQL, Data Models 1 Yes
monika.pagare@medicaps.ac.in Monika Pagare Civil engineering M.tech Sustainable building materials, structure, Geotechnical engineering 8 Yes
dineshkumar.bhayal@medicaps.ac.in Dinesh Kumar Bhayal Information Technology BE(IT),MTech(IT),PhD(Persuing) Machine learning, Artificial intelligence,Cyber Security,Database application,Cloud Computing 1 Yes
rupali.sontakke@medicaps.ac.in Rupali Sontakke Pharmacy M.Pharm Anesthetic herbal drugs 5 Yes
bhavana.tiwari@medicaps.ac.in Bhavana Tiwari CSE M. Tech Software Engineering, Data Mining 1 Yes
kailash.bandhu@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Kailash Chandra Bandhu CSE Ph.D. (CSE) Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data Analytics, Networking 11 Yes
neha.modak@medicaps.ac.in Neha Modak Mathematics M.phil in Mathematics Pure maths None Yes
manish.korde@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Manish Korde EC Ph.D Wireless Communication 5 Yes
pranjali.kekre@medicaps.ac.in Dr Pranjali Kekre Mathematics Ph.D(Applied Mathematics) Bezier Bspline curve(CAGD), Graph Theory,Matlab simulation, DFT 2 submitted Yes
priya.rathore@medicaps.ac.in PRIYA RATHORE ECE M.Tech. 5G , Network slicing, Security, virtualization, machine learning 0 Yes
alok.rarotiya@medicaps.ac.in Alok Rarotiya Civil Engineering ME Transportation & Geotechnical Engineering 1 Yes
lakhan.singh@medicaps.ac.in Lakhan Singh CSE M.Tech Adhoc Network,Networking 3 Yes
sagar.pandya@medicaps.ac.in Sagar Panya Information Technology M.E. Machine Learning 1 Yes
kriti.joshi@medicaps.ac.in Ms.Kriti Joshi CSE M.Tech Image Processing 4 Yes
nitika.doohan@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Nitika Vats Doohan CSE PhD in CSE WSN, IOT, Networking, machine learning 8 Yes
hemlata.patel@medicaps.ac.in Dr. Hemlata Patel CSE PhD Data Mining 8 Yes
divya.jain@medicaps.ac.in Divya Jain Electronics Engineering M.Tech, P.hD pursuing Wireless Communication, 5G 0 Yes
rahul.patel@medicaps.ac.in Rahul Patel Mechanical Engineering M. Tech. Material Science and Technology Nil Yes
parag.chaporkar@medicaps.ac.in Parag Chaporkar Mechanical ME Industrial Engineering & Management Nil Yes
ashokkumar.deora@medicaps.ac.in AshokKumar Deora Civil Engineering M.E. - 1 Yes
mukul.sharma@medicaps.ac.in Mukul Sharma Pharmacy M.pharm Novel Drug delivery system, nanotechnology, pharmaceutics 4 Yes
gunjan.baheti@medicaps.ac.in Dr Gunjan Baheti Management Phd Marketing ,Accountant ,Finance 4 Yes
safdar.sardar@medicaps.ac.in Safdar sardar khan Computer Science and Engineering P.hd* (CSE), M.Tech (CSE), B.E. (CSE) Data science and ML 6 Yes
lekhraj.patidar@medicaps.ac.in Lekhraj Patidar Mechanical Engineering ME, PHD(Pursuing) Manufacturing 0 No
neeraj.yadav@medicaps.ac.in Neeraj Yadav Mechanical Engineering M.E. (Design and Thermal Engineering) Robotics, Heat transfer analysis, design and analysis of machine component 3 Yes
rahuldev.singh@medicaps.ac.in Rahul Dev Singh Computer Science M.E. Computer vision 3 Yes
rudresh.shah@medicaps.ac.in Rudresh Shah CSE MTech Cloud computing 3 Yes
sakshi.yadav@medicaps.ac.in Sakshi Yadav CSE M.E. ML and security 4 Yes
trapti.mishra@medicaps.ac.in Trapti Mishra IT M.Tech, Phd pursuing Artificial Intelligence Yes
kiran.vivrekar@medicaps.ac.in KIRAN VIVREKAR MECHANICAL BE (Mech) . MBA (operations) Quality, industrial engg. ,Operations nil Yes
dharmendra.mangal@medicaps.ac.in Dharmendra Mangal CSE M.E. natural language processing 3 No
shubhrata.kanungo@medicaps.ac.in Shubhrata Kanungo CSE PhD (Pursuing) Bigdata analysis Nil Yes
vivek.gupta@medicaps.ac.in Vivek Kumar Gupta CSE ME NLP, Augmented Analytics, Big Data, Data Science 0 Yes
hodcse@medicaps.ac.in Dr.Pramod S.Nair CSE PhD ML, AI and Data Mining 15 Yes
ali.asgar@medicaps.ac.in Ali Asgar Hussain Information technology Phd pursuing Machine learning, Deep learning 0 Yes
ritu.sodhi@medicaps.ac.in Ritu Sodhi Computer Applications MCA NLP, Education NIL No
brajmohan.maheshwari@medicaps.ac.in Brajmohan Maheshwari Electronics Engineering M.tech., PhD thesis writing Design and analysis of Microwave Components like Antenna, power divider, Filters, Computation Electromagnetics, Intelegent reflecting surface, metamaterials 11 Yes

Research Activities

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Conferences at Medi-Caps


International Conference on Business Perspectives in the YUCA World and Start-Up Economy

4 June 2024 - 5 June 2024

Faculty of Management and Commerce is organizing two days international conference on Business Perspectives in the YUCA World and Start-Up Economy


International Conference on Advanced Computing Networking and Informatics (ICANI’18)

22 February 2018 - 24 February 2018

The scope of ICANI’18 is to provide an international forum for exchange of ideas among interested researchers, students, developers and practitioners in the areas of Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics. The technical program of the conference includes plenary / keynote speeches, oral paper presentations and poster sessions. Accepted papers will be sent for publications in the Springer AISC series 11156


1st IEEE Symposium on Colossal Data Analysis and Networking (CDAN 2016)

16 March 2016 - 19 March 2016

Medi-Caps organized Symposium on Colossal Data Analysis and Networking (CDAN 2016)



One Day National Conference on Biostatistics and Research Methodology

5 December 2024 - 4 December 2024

Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Management, Medi-Caps University, Indore brings to you a one day National Conference on Biostatistics and Research Methodology. Join us to gain from the experience of Experts from fields of Medicine, Physics and Management. Learn to design your research positively and find out how wonderfully it is used in all the aspects.