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Medicaps Innovation and Incubation Foundation (MII Foundation) is a business incubator and the epicentre for all the startup action at and around MediCaps. The MII Foundation is an abode for various entrepreneurship activities on and off campus with a dedicated team of venture coaches, trained & certified by IIM Calcutta, AIM mentors, and a wholly student-run E-Cell.
Our startup coaches and mentors come from diverse backgrounds and varied industries with an average of 5+ years of industry experience. Some of our student venture teams have represented MediCaps & India at various global startup events and won laurels & grants.

Professor Incharge

Arnav Mishra - CEO


Mr. Arnav Mishra is a veteran entrepreneur, mechanical engineer and certified in business planning from IIM-C.
Arnav has a dynamic set of professional experience which includes sales, business development, training and mentoring, startup consultancy, business expansion, business operations and much more. He believes in constant learning with experience and exposure.
His Key Competencies include- Leadership and Management, Business and Information Technology, Digital Transformation, Communication and Negotiation, Project Management, Organizational Awareness, Adaptability and Flexibility, Creativity and Innovation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Digital Marketing.
With his dynamic set of experience Mr. Arnav Mishra connects one-to-one with the student business ideas and is also determined to convert them into flourishing startups and ventures.

MII Foundation

Medi-Caps Innovation and Incubation Centre

We formed MII Foundation to build & foster a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem on Medi-Caps University campus.
The foundation aims to help student entrepreneurs to incubate their ideas and develop them into meaningful ventures by offering immense & thorough guidance & mentorship throughout their startup journey. It also tries to urge students to work towards their entrepreneurial skills. Various events like workshops,hackathons, boot camps, ideation sessions, Prototyping & Design Thinking sessions, speaker series, and chai chats, among others, are conducted throughout the academic year to build a holistic and compelling entrepreneurial ecosystem.
MII Foundation hand holds the startup founders to take the early stage and once they are established to get the early traction, MII Foundation facilitates them by giving access to government funds, VC Funds, and Angel networks.




Inculcate the entrepreneurial spirits in the campus


Define the problem statement that you wish to solve through your


Carve out a solution to the defined problem


Define the techno-commercial aspects of the solution.


Now your idea is matured enough for early traction.


scale to high roars with access to various funds.


Once you have successfully travelled the path you graduate as a successful business/start-up.

Facilities and Services

The Medi-Caps Innovation and Incubation Centre offers state-of-the-art facilities and services to nurture and support startups and entrepreneurs in the management, agriculture, healthcare and technology sectors. The center provides access to modern laboratories, research equipment, co-working spaces, and expert mentorship. It also offers funding opportunities, networking events, and workshops to accelerate the growth and success of innovative projects and venture


Innovation Lab

Innovation must not hinder due to inadequate environment. We make sure that the innovator gets access to the state-of-the-art laboratories with prototyping and testing facilities. Collectively you have access to all hi-end tech driven labs and facilities like the robotic arm, CNC and many more.


The start-ups get funding from the various esteemed organisations including government organisations, VC, Angel Investors and we make sure that the innovator gets training and support.


One-to-One Mentorship with experienced mentors who provide complete guidance and support can help start-ups kick-start their growth and also empowers them in personal development.

Operational Support

The MII Foundation is committed to deliver the maximum required operational support to the incubated startups. We provide facilities like 24/7 coworks, 24/7 fast Internet, office & support staff, stationary support, easy logistics, banking support and other operational support.


Medi-Caps University start-up policy is very inclusive and supportive in nature. It is devised in such a manner that every stakeholder is well considered before drafting the policy. We here believe that even a nascent idea from a less-equipped fellow of the university can be nurtured well to a profitable business model.


Our Projects

Project Name

  • Bookzy
  • SevaHUB
  • CulRo
  • Sanpie
  • GodsAura
  • AI Clothing Design

Seed Fund Investment

Medi-Caps University has allocated a seed fund of upto 10 Cr for the student start-ups that aims to prosper over its business growth trajectory. This fund is an additional support extended to boost the entrepreneurial enthusiasm over the campus. This is undoubtedly the best a start-up founder expects in his/her early days of the proposed venture.



The Medi-Caps Innovation and Incubation Centre's Activity Calendar is packed with diverse and enriching events. It includes regular workshops on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology trends. There are networking sessions to connect startups with industry experts and investors. Additionally, the calendar features pitch competitions, hackathons, and mentorship sessions to support the development and growth of innovative ideas and projects.



MII Foundation, co-working space is a 24/7 workspace accessible to staff members, students, startup founders and many more. Being the hub of all activities in the centre is the place where students ideate, discuss, debate, learn from, get mentored and advised by peers, professors, entrepreneurs, industry veterans and other professionals. It is also the place in which some of the centre’s most prestigious events like MII Start-up Shala, MII-Idea and MII Pillar Awards are hosted and organised.

Submit Your Ideas

At Medi-Caps Innovation and Incubation Center, aspiring entrepreneurs can submit their innovative ideas for management, agriculture, healthcare and technology ventures. The center provides a supportive platform with expert guidance, resources, and funding opportunities to help turn these ideas into successful startups.


The E-Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell) at Medi-Caps University is a dynamic initiative that promotes and supports entrepreneurial spirit among students. It serves as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to nurture their ideas and transform them into successful ventures. The E-Cell organizes workshops, seminars, and networking events that provide valuable insights and guidance from industry experts. It also facilitates funding opportunities and mentorship, empowering students to embark on their entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

Know More

About Us

E-cell was first established under the Centre of Enterpreneurship Development in the year 2008 & then it gained reputation as an individual club in the year 2018.Our vision is to develop,enhance and carve out the inner enterpreneurial potentials of students by providing them with opportunites. E-cell's mission is to train students to face industrial challenges.We also help students discover their potential,implement their ideas,innovate and grow and learn everyday to gain the skills which are going to help them a lifetime.


Ideas are just raw materials but they are own most valuable assets.We motivate students to share their Ideas and enjoy their "Idea to reality" journey with E-cell.


When ideas are implemented properly,they can be wonderful examples.Students can implement their ideas and receive reviews from experienced leaders & alumnus who are a part of the E-cell network.


Based on the reviews,the students can test out their ideas and come up with various innovative solutions thar will help them create an upward trajectory of their idea.