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Management at Medi-Caps

The Faculty of Management Studies at Medi-Caps University offers a comprehensive management education with a focus on leadership and practical learning. Our programmes are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the ever-evolving business world. Our undergraduate programme, BBA, is a three-year course that provides a strong foundation in core management concepts. Our two-year MBA programme is designed for students who want to take their career to the next level by developing their leadership and managerial skills. For those who are interested in pursuing research, our two-year PhD programme provides an opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research in the field of management.


  • BBA (core) - 3 years


Departments of Management Studies


Departments of Management Studies

Message from Dean

Prof. (Dr.) Ankur Saxena


Dean of Management Studies

Welcome to the Faculty of Management Studies at Medi-Caps University. We are committed to creating the next generation of global leaders who will shape the future of the world. Our focus is not just on imparting business management education, but also on identifying and nurturing the natural abilities and talents of our students. We understand that effective leadership requires a deep understanding of one's strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence, and social emotional learning skills. Our pedagogical approach includes a combination of theoretical concepts, practical fieldwork, case studies, and feedback to provide a supportive learning environment for our students. At Medi-Caps, we believe that leaders are made in the fields, not just in classrooms. We are dedicated to inspiring young minds to push their boundaries, develop their analytical thinking skills, and take on challenges to become effective leaders in the global arena. Join us at the Faculty of Management Studies

Why Study Management at MU ?

Study Management at Medi-Caps University for its comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty, industry-relevant training, leadership development, and excellent placement opportunities, preparing you for a successful career in the dynamic business world.

Industry-Oriented Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed in collaboration with industry experts to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and practices.

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Experienced Faculty

Our faculty members are experienced professionals who bring their industry insights to the classroom.

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Internship and Placement Opportunities

We provide ample internship and placement opportunities to prepare you for a successful career.

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Soft Skills Development

We focus on developing your soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership to enhance your employability.

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Entrepreneurship Development

We provide you with the skills and resources necessary to start your own business venture.

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Industry Visits

We regularly organize industry visits to provide you with hands-on experience and exposure to real-world scenarios.

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Guest Lectures

We invite industry experts to give guest lectures and share their knowledge and experiences with you.

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Professional Development

We offer various professional development programs to help you grow both personally and professionally.

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Networking Opportunities

We provide various opportunities to network with alumni, industry professionals, and peers to build lasting connections.

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Collaboration at the Faculty of Management Studies

The Faculty of Management has collaborations with various reputed institutions and industry partners to enhance the quality of education and provide students with exposure to real-world business scenarios. The faculty also invites industry experts and eminent academicians to share their knowledge and experiences with students through guest lectures, workshops, and and experiences with students through guest lectures, workshops, and seminars.

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Management Studies

The Faculty of Management emphasizes on experiential learning, case studies, industry visits, internships, and live projects to develop practical skills and industry-relevant knowledge in students. The faculty also adopts a multidisciplinary approach and encourages innovation, creativity, and critical thinking among students.

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Why MU ?

10 Reasons to choose Medi-Caps

Career Options

Placement @ the Faculty of Management

Hear From Our Alumni

Gaurav Aras

It would be difficult to sum up four years of Medi-Caps in just a few lines. I must say that the learning and exposure which Medi-Caps gives is just commendable. The faculties are just amazing and they stand by you from the first day to the end of placement days. MITM has got one of the best infrastructural facilities an engineering college can have. As far as the placements are concerned, enough opportunities are provided to every student and it is up-to the individual how you take it. Moreover, having a placement policy in order makes things even more transparent. I am really lucky and proud to have been a part of this institution not only because I got placed but because of the things I have learned over there.


News & Features

2nd IEEE IC4

The faculty of Engineering conducted the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control (IC4-2024) at Medicaps University in Indore. The event commenced with a warm welcome to all the guests, including the chief guest, Shri Asheesh Singh, participants, keynote speakers, and the entire Medicaps family. The esteemed presence of the Chancellor, Shri R.C. Mittal, and Vice Chancellor, Dr. D.K. Patnaik, added to the auspicious atmosphere.

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