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Medi-Caps Student Council is a group that is run by students under faculty supervision. The student council's mission is to provide young people with a platform for leadership development via the planning and execution of numerous events and community service initiatives. The student council serves as the voice of the student body and organizes activities that support University spirit and neighbourhood welfare. All students are welcome to engage in the co-curricular and extracurricular activities that the student council plans throughout the academic year, depending on their interests and preferences. They support the dissemination of student opinions, passions, and issues to the larger university community. Student council participation teaches civic duty, leadership, problem solving, and teamwork to participants. Any student who wants to get more active with the university or is interested in leadership, organizational performance, or arranging events is welcome to join.


  • To train students in democratic values and governance.
  • To have student representation in the functioning of the university.
  • To provide a mechanism to address grievances.
  • To organize co-curricular / extra-curricular activities.
  • To generate innovative ideas, give feedbacks on the processes & practices in a collaborative atmosphere.
  • To put in joint efforts towards the academic excellence of the university.

Official Post of Medi-Caps Student Council is as follows:

Selection Process

Become a leader today

  • The official post of student council may be selected from the students having at least 75% attendance, verified by the class teachers. They must not have been involved / penalized in any disciplinary action as per norms.
  • The students having at least 75% attendance may apply in the prescribed format for the official posts of student council.
  • The Scrutiny Board for Student Council (SBSC) will be formed by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor for selection of various official posts.
  • The SBSC will conduct interviews on the basis of various criteria for the selection of designated posts.
  • At least one female candidate must be on this official post.
  • The tenure of the student council will be for one year.

Become A Member

Duties and Responsibilities

Know your responsibilities

  • The Medi-Caps student council members have to actively cooperate with the management and faculties in executing programs and maintaining discipline.
  • They have to take up specific duties in organizing events and co-curricular activities with a proper timeline.
  • The student council members can be debarred from the post if they are found guilty of any mischief or misconduct in the university or if they do not comply with the eligibility conditions.
  • At the same time active involvement of all the members is very much desirable. In case of any discrepancy the decision of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor shall be the final.