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Science at Medi-caps

Medi-Caps University offers a variety of science programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. Our science programs are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the physical world and its phenomena through unbiased observations and systematic experimentation. At the undergraduate level, students can pursue programs such as BCA, B.Sc. Computer Science, and B.Sc. Forensic Science, while at the postgraduate level, we offer programs such as M.Sc. in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Forensic Science. Our doctoral programs include Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science.



Departments Of Science


Dean’s Message

Prof. (Dr.) Abbas Ali Koser


Dean Faculty of Science

As the Dean of the Faculty of Science at Medi-Caps University, I am proud to share that our faculty members have been at the forefront of discovery, innovation, learning, engagement, and impact for over two decades. Our science programs are designed with the outcome-based approach, and our faculties are highly qualified and research-oriented. Our focus is on providing a conducive learning environment to the students to nurture their skills and enable them to explore their potential. I invite all the young minds to join our Faculty of Science and be a part of our excellence. We believe in learning rather than teaching and encourage students to connect with us and take advantage of our expertise. I welcome your valuable suggestions and vision to make Medi-Caps an international leader in curriculum and pedagogy innovation. With your support and engagement, we can create a brighter future for our students and shape the future of Medi-Caps together.

Why Study Science at MU ?

Study Science at Medi-Caps University for its comprehensive programs, expert faculty, state-of-the-art laboratories, research opportunities, and holistic development, preparing you for a successful career in various scientific fields.

Innovative Curriculum

Our science programs are largely outcome-based and designed to meet industry standards.

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Experienced Faculty

Our faculty members are highly qualified, research-oriented, and passionate about teaching.

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Cutting-Edge Research

We have advanced research facilities and encourage students to participate in research activities.

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Interdisciplinary Learning

We promote interdisciplinary learning, enabling students to broaden their knowledge and perspectives.

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Industry-Academia Collaboration

We have collaborations with various industries that provide internships and job opportunities to our students.

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Scholarships and Financial Aid

We offer scholarships and financial aid to deserving students to make education accessible to all.

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Global Exposure

We have tie-ups with reputed universities and encourage students to participate in international exchange programs.

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Skill Enhancement

We provide ample opportunities for skill enhancement, such as workshops, seminars, and training programs.

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Campus Life

Our campus has state-of-the-art infrastructure, sports facilities, medical facilities, hostels, and a vibrant student community that offers a holistic learning experience.

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Collaboration at the Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Science at Medi-Caps University has collaborations with various industries, research institutions, and universities across the globe. These collaborations provide opportunities for students and faculty to work on cutting-edge research projects, participate in international conferences and seminars, and exchange knowledge and ideas. The collaborations also provide opportunities for students to undertake internships and work placements with leading companies and research organizations, thereby gaining valuable real-world experience and enhancing their employability.

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Research at The Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science at Medi-Caps University is committed to fostering an environment that promotes cutting-edge research and encourages the pursuit of new knowledge. Our faculty members engage in research across a broad range of disciplines, from fundamental studies in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, to interdisciplinary research in emerging fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science.

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Why MU ?

10 Reasons to choose Medi-Caps

Career Pathways in Sciences

Placement @ the Faculty of Science

Hear From Our Alumni

Gaurav Aras

It would be difficult to sum up four years of Medi-Caps in just a few lines. I must say that the learning and exposure which Medi-Caps gives is just commendable. The faculties are just amazing and they stand by you from the first day to the end of placement days. MITM has got one of the best infrastructural facilities an engineering college can have. As far as the placements are concerned, enough opportunities are provided to every student and it is up-to the individual how you take it. Moreover, having a placement policy in order makes things even more transparent. I am really lucky and proud to have been a part of this institution not only because I got placed but because of the things I have learned over there.


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