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About Department

About Department

The Department of Forensic Science at Medi-Caps University offers a B.Sc. Honors program in Forensic Science, an M.Sc. program in Forensic Science, and a Ph.D. program. The curriculum includes subjects such as biology, chemistry, and crime scene investigation, along with practical approaches like projects and internships with police authorities. The department also has a sophisticated laboratory named Forensic Lab and a computer lab equipped with advanced software for digital crime analysis. The focus of the department is to produce trained professionals as per industry requirements, offering industry-oriented curriculum, live projects/internships, entrepreneurship, research, and outcome-based education.


  • To achieve National and International recognition in the field of Forensic science, gain quality forensic science education, advanced scientific analysis, and innovative economic opportunity for the promotion of truth and justice in our community, state, and nation.


  • To provide affordable, high-quality graduate education appropriate for the nation, state, and the nation.
  • To contribute to the field of Forensic science to deliver knowledge through education training, research, and other services.
  • To promote students for involvement in economic development through research, collaboration, technology, and innovation.
  • To encourage and enhance students’ ability to use knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking skills to make their communities a safer place to live.
  • To maintain excellent research facilities to provide a collaborative environment that stimulates faculty, staff, and students with opportunities to create, analyze, apply, and disseminate knowledge.

Head of Department

Dr. Tilak Ram Chandarkar


Welcome to the Department of Forensic Science at Medi-Caps University, Indore. As technology continues to make our lives easier and faster, it has also changed the pattern of crime commission, leading to a high demand for forensic experts in the investigation field. Join us and embark on an exciting journey towards becoming a forensic expert.

Major Milestones

  • 23+

    Years of Legacy

  • 17+


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  • 40+


  • 10000+


  • 21000+


Teaching Staff

Our Teaching Staff

Medi-Caps University has a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who are dedicated to providing quality education to students. The teaching staff comprises professors, associate professors, and assistant professors who hold doctoral and postgraduate degrees from reputed institutes in India and abroad.