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Latest News

Prtham Organics, Simrol, Indore

On 25-02-2023 our B.Sc (Ag) 3rd year students visited pratham organics,simrol.

On  25-02-2023 our B.Sc (Ag) 3rd year students visited pratham organics,simrol.where they learned about Miyazaki mango and Japanes frangipani.They also get to know about organic  farming and their different components (fish cum poultry system and vermicomposting).



MP Start up Center and ACE Foundation IIT Indore Boot Camp

Medi-Caps University Innovation & Incubation (MII) Foundation and IIT, Indore organised two days start up Boot Camp sponsored by MP start up centre, Indore from 31 January 2023 to 1 February 2023.


Education visit to police control room, Palasiya

I am delighted to inform that today our students visited the Police Control Room Palasiya, Indore.