Cancellation Rules & Refund Policy: 2020-21

(As per the UGC Notification on Fees Refund on Fees dated: 10-10-2018)

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  1. If a student chooses to withdraw from the program of study in which he/she has been offered/given admission provisionally/finally, following five-tier system for the refund of fees will be followed: -

Sr. No.

Percentage of Refund of Aggregate fees*

Deduction of Processing Charges applicable on annual fee (Irrespective of deposited amount)

Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is served



5% (Subject to maximum of Rs. 5000/-)

Up to August 16, 2020




August 17 to August 31, 2020




September 1 to September 15, 2020




September 16 to September 30, 2020




October 1, 2020 Onwards

* Inclusive of annual tuition fee and non-tuition fee but exclusive of caution money. Deductions were made from deposited amount according to above rules as applicable on annual fees.

(For example, B.Tech. (CSE) the Annual tuition fee is Rs. 1,20,000/- Per Year. If candidate deposited fee of Rs. 70000 as semester fee, following deduction are applicable based on their cancellation date:

Case 1: For 5% slab Rs. 5,000/- will be deducted from deposited amount

Case 2: For 10% slab Rs. 12,000/- will be deducted from deposited amount

Case 3: For 20% slab Rs. 24,000/- will be deducted from deposited amount

Case 4: For 50% slab Rs. 60,000/- will be deducted from deposited amount

Case 5: For 100% slab Rs. 1,20,000/- will be cancellation and processing amount.

Note: The above deductions slabs and processing charge for cancellation cases will not depends on deposited amount, if the deposited amount is less, then candidate needs to pay the remaining amount.

  1. No fees will be refunded if the application for cancellation is received after the above-mentioned date i.e. October 1st, 2020 Onwards.
  2. If the admitted student wishes to cancel his/her admission on or after October 15th, 2020 then he/she must pay the fees for the full tenure of the program.
  3. Enrolment, examination and other fees are payable separately.
  4. In addition to the above fees, if any taxes (GST & other taxes etc.) would be introduced by Govt; then this will be charged extra from the students.
  5. Refund of fees will take 15 office working days from the receipt of completed cancellation form with supportive documents.