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Annual Function

This year’s edition of the annual cultural – sports –technical fest of Medi-Caps University was held from 23rd to 25th March 2017. It was an event par excellence which provided an unprecedented stage to talents of all kinds.  It included a plethora of events spanning across  the fields of art, music, dance, fashion, technology and sports. The first day witnessed immense excitement from crowd which gushed into the campus to make the most of this distinct opportunity to unravel their talent.
The art exhibits revealed a magnificent display of artistic accomplished through events like Face Painting, Rangoli , etc. The budding  Picassos who bagged the first and second position in the face painting competition were Aditi Chatter and Kratika Agrawal , respectively, while Shruti Bhaskar  and pooja Soni were declared first and second in Rangoli Competition. The platform of  ‘Click- o-manio ‘ was perfect for photographers who have the knack for capturing a moment in the perfect way through lens. There was 3 themes in this companion. Soumya Parikh and Divya Soni’s snapshots were adjudged to be the best in the theme of ‘Potrait ’. while Shreyas Lahoti  and Tarang Rathore’s picture square  entries won in the theme of ’Wildlife ‘ Vikas Tetwal and Shreyas Lahoti was winner.  Overall, Sheyas Lahoti was  the winner  of the event. City Ville, a competition  for architects of our future was organized. The  challenges for the participants was to design a 3D model for the city of their dreams. It was judged by Dr. Vijay Rode fro SGSITS , Indore . Jitesh Prajapati and Kirti Jagtap won the first price for their planning skills and constructive efforts. Another event ‘CAD-o- Mania’ was a great success where students manifested and enhanced their imagination via Auto CAD . there was ample of opportunities in the field of civil Engineering where events like ’Bob the Builder’ and ‘junkyard Bridges’ was held. The former was about designing a contraption series with maximum number of energy charges. The students used scraps materials living up to the motto of best out of waste. The former events was about building a bridge which could bear maximum load while satisfying the constraints of efficiency, minimum defection, aesthetics and costing. Prizes worth RS 10,000 were up for grabs in this event.
For those fortunate elocutionists who have been blessed with the gift of gab, the literary events were  the place to be. The topic under consideration for the Debate in the house was, “Electrons are the best test for democracy ” . Aarshi Kanswa , Radhika  Maheshwari came out to be winners of the event for the motion, while sunny kataria and Pranjali Soley were declared the winners of the event for motion . Rahul Hemnani and vidhi Maru won the Extempore for their stupendous performance at spur of the moment. The event which completely engrossed the audience. Priya Gangwal and arpit Sethi bagged the best position in the event
For those who can tap their feet to any   rhythm , the event On the spot Dancing was very rewarding. Vijay Nagar and Divisha Khandelwal danced it off to be declared the winners. They won prizes worth 15,000 and RS 4,000respectively.  The group dance event Dance Supremacy was won by the group Enigmatic from Acropolis College Indore. The group golden sparklers   form Medi-Caps finished Second. Dance Off included solo and duet competition.  Jayant Singh and Akil khan  were best in Solo event. In the duet compaction , Rohit samdani and Sonakhsi carved a niche with their perfectly synchronized  performance , while runners up , Charchill and Sonal Singh came out with flying colors , too.
The young participants with a penchant for dramatics eyed the event of NUKKAD NATAK .  Social causes took the center stage in this event. Aaina , the group of Mechanical Engineering students from third year , MITM won the first position for depicting the cause  of women empowerment in an efficacious  manner. Second Position was given to the group of third year students , MITM for the skit called  ‘ Inquilab Ab Bhi Jarri Hai’    who portrayed the rampant issue of corruption.
The audience transcended into the world of music during the musical event of Rangalya. Young   musicians and vocalists gifted with mellifluous voices  , participated with enthusiasm  in the singing competition .  also the hidden mozarts and Beethoven stole   the audience’s heart with their euphonic notes in the instrumental events . Tejas Vichurkar  was adjudged the best and won prizes worth RS 20,000 . The group of Karanveer Singh Arora, Jaydeep singh  Hora , sajal Agrawal came second and won prizes worth RS 5000 . the ever green event of Antakshari which is played in every house was presented in a fresh perspective . About 50 Team participated in the event. The team of Shweta Gupta and Manish patidar came first . Second position was secured by the team of Shruti Satle and Sonam Jain.
All mirth and music did not disappoint those geeks who place mind over matter. For there were myriad quizzes held during the event. Quiz de Automobile was the place for auto enthusiants. Around 20 teams fought to reach the top. Finally Kavish Dabade and kunal agrawal did it and won prizes worth 15000 . Ishan Humble and Approv Gupta secured second position winning worth RS 8000 . Another one of  a kind  quiz was Java Code Conqueror which tested the java language proficiency of the participants. 18 team participated , 6 team cleared first round . only 2 teams reached till the third round and they were declared the winners. Tanvi and Ayushi Kukreja bagged first prize and   Bhagyashree Kulkarni came second . even young cricketer fought it out , not on the field , but at stage of Cricket-o-Quizzaeria , an event that was much more than just playing cricket. 16 teams participated in the event. Mohit Gupta and Ayush Vyas won this event after clearing three rounds and got prizes worth RS 16000 . the event Student of Moonstone was held for the first time. It comprised of three rounds quiz, ad, mad and last but not the least , sports round , Ishan  Humble won the covered title , beating 33 participants.
If this all seemed uninteresting to anybody , there was the thrilling event of Stunt mania . the student Punit Madan,   Rehan Khan , Julus and Vibhor Vyas from the influx racing division defied the laws of gravity and performed exhilarating wheelies , stopples and burnouts. The star performer was jassal of MTV Stunt mania fame. His impeccable skills left the audience awestruck.
Buddy’s Zone was open for all three days. It was a destination for students where they had immense fun and enjoyment. Time Tussle was first event where various one minute games were arranged into 7 levels.  Another similar event A minite to win IT was also organized but it was a 3 level game and a head on competition between two teams . for both the previous events, as the level increased , the prize money also increased . another event was 10 ka Dum which was a quiz game. In the first level  the participates  were asked  questions from the category they picked. In the second level , they had
To answer in the range of percentage. Rummage was also a part of Buddy’s Zone where a team had to find answer of   questions in  minutes.  The existing part of the game was that it provided freedom to access internet and call or ask anybody to find answer.  Taking everybody back to their childhood, another event Masti ki Pathshala was organized in Buddy,s Zone . it included chair race , tug of war, lemon race, sack race and tambola. It was loved by all. The audience also had the option of LAN Gaming in the virtual world.
The event Sport o’ Spark culminated  with great  fervor. The final matches of volley ball, cricket and basketball were played on the last day. Boys of Maharana Ranjit Singh College played Volleyball against Medi-Caps Boys Team and emerged as the wifrom nners. In cricket the winners were the boys from Gujrati  Samaj who played against Medi-Caps boys team. The final match of Basketball was existing tussle between IPS and Mhow Govt. College in which the later won the match by with a score  29-19 relay Drift was yet another existing event . after crossing all the hurdles in this three legged race shubham and Adarsh from second year , appeared as the winners.  Mohit from first year and vivek  from second year were the runner up . existing prizes for the same were awarded to the winners.
The robotics event attracted a lot  of crowd as it served a platter of variety of competitions like line follower competitions and “hell in hell ”  , which was an improved version of robo wars. The event of Techno Chase , a robo race competition was also a huge success . The excitement in the crowd was evident as this arena was flooded with techies trying to make a mark in the soaring  field of robotics.
The night event added glamour and glitter to the whole show. The storm night of 14th march was enchanted by the performances of Gajendra verma. The Band dhoon   also performed an existing gig and enthralled the audience. The night of 15th march  witness fashion extravaganaza , as it was time for the most awaited fashion shoe Ambyora . Akash Malviya and Richha Stole the show as they were the winners of last night.. Shermon Delon and Vaidik Nathani got their share of fame too as they were runners up in the event. The last night finale Electrobizz , the DJ Night was highly  anticipated by everybody. Although the event was marred by an unexpected drizzle, even the rain couldn’t wash away the spirit of crowd. To sum up, the hole show of Moonstone2k17 was an exemplary success and has raised the bar performance in all arenas. The efforts of hundreds of people who worked relentlessly to make this show a success  had paid off well!!