Monday, 20 January, 2020
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Smart Campus


Apparently, the smart campus is aesthetically contrived with state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and ambience that motivate students for an all-round development.

Smart Campus Medi-Caps Group of Institutions is conveniently located at at Rau, Indore. Our sprawling smart campus is facilitated with Educational Resource Planning (ERP) software in order to maximize its potential and optimize its resources in the best possible way. Moreover, our ERP enabled smart campus provides a comprehensive solution for automation of campus function and information management. Apart from this, the smart campus integrates the academic and administrative functions of the college while connecting students and their parents with the system. The system can be easily accessed by means of KIOSKS which are located at convenient places. Spacious and well ventilated classrooms furnished with latest techniques provide students with the latest study material and keep them in touch with lectures taking place in other leading institutes of India as well. The group has sufficient number of well-equipped seminar halls with suitable learning environment. These halls are constantly being used for guest lectures and other specialized events like conferences & seminars. GD Room as a supplement to formal classroom teaching. We also organize group discussions on wide ranging topics cutting across formal course outline. These GDs are organized in a room specially designed for the purpose, with a capacity of 20 students. The discussions are conducted with a strict academic point of view and under faculty surveillance.