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AIESEC events in Medi-Caps University, Indore


Introduction: Meeting the Management
(2 August 2016)

The day began with the visit of Medi-Caps University. It was followed by meeting with Chancellor Mr. R.C. Mittal, Pro Vice-Chancellor Mr. Gopal Ji Agrawal and Vice Chancellor Dr. Sunil.K. Somani. They congratulated the guests and shared about the mission and policies of the University. This enlightened the participants with the sanctity of the campus and its environment. The day was more exciting with a planned visit to indore city. These delegates were from China, Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Russia enjoyed various culture of Malwa region.


Welcome Party to foreign delegates
(6 August 2016)

A Welcome party was hosted by Medi-Caps University Indore, Coordinated by Sahil Kundra on 6 August 2016 in Sheesha - Sky Lounge C21 Mall.This party was a kind of ice breaking event for these foreign country delegates to appreciate oneness and show the gratitude and hospitality.

Global Friendship Day
(7 August 2016)

Medi-Caps University along with Medi-Caps International School celebrated Global Friendship Day for AIESEC foreign delegates on 7 August 2016 to interact and understand the friends beyond boundaries. It aimed at making friendship to go beyond boundaries and also to acknowledge that the world is one Globe full of diversity.

International Sports Day
(12 August 2016)

International Sports Day was organized in University Campus situated on a beautiful hillock, on the Agra Bombay National Highway, 15 Kms from Indore city. With the Campus area spans more than 6,00,000 sq. feet spread over approximately 33 acres of land. Students of university and foreign delegates participated in various indoor and outdoor games like Gully Cricket, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis and Chess .This event was to celebrate the uniqueness and global-ness in sports. It also motivated the spirit of sportsmanship and various games in the campus.



Independence Day
(15 August 2016)

Independence Day Celebration at University and International School was enjoyed by the foreign delegates on 15 August, 2016. It accompanied the inspiring speeches from Pro Vice Chancellor Mr. Gopal Ji Agrawal. During the cultural programs held at Medi-Caps International School the delegates got to know about the years of efforts, non-violence and other movements to attain independence. On this occasion they experience unity in diversity of various cultures and acknowledge the Independence of India.

Recruitment in AIESEC for Medi-Caps University
(22 August - 31 August 2016)

A Recruitment Drive was organized by AIESEC Indore from 22 August, 2016 to 31 August, 2016 in University at AIESEC Cell Medi-Caps.With the help of this drive University aimed to develop leadership potential of youth through experiential learning. The students went through a group discussion followed by a personal interview round for getting recruited. More than 20 Medi-Caps’ians were recruited out of 50 candidates joining AIESEC Indore, Students got recruited in corporate sector, student sector and marketing. The selected people had a mentorship block and operational induction after getting recruited and also a local training seminar. Out of these 20 selected candidates few will soon be sent to foreign countries of their choices in order to do the internships.

Parichay Beyond Boundaries
(1 September 2016)

Parichay Beyond Boundaries organized at University in association with AIESEC Indore for Engineering students on 1 September, 2016. AIESEC delegates from China, Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Russia formed teams with the University Students. These teams researched on various trends of economy, education, culture, food and social life in various parts of the globe. Later final presentation was made to all students and delegates to conclude the session. This activity not only helped students of University to interact with the foreign delegates but also understand the global perspective of learning and education.

Global Village
(2 September 2016)

Global Village was organized in Medi-Caps University and AIESEC Indore on 2 September, 2016 to understand the diversity in cultures, practices, behavior, food, dance, tradition. It is the biggest celebration of cultures from around the world, People showcase their nations, spread awareness and reveals the concept of world being one. By motivating this kind of event the University acknowledged that the world is one Globe full of diversity.

Workshop and Discussion on United Nation’s SDG

Weekly workshop was conducted at University by AIESEC Indore on to work on the 15 year goal plan of the United Nations - “17 Sustainable Development Goals”. The goals include No Poverty, No Gender Discrimination, Life on Earth etc... The delegates were from China, Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Russia discussed and interacted with the students to create global awareness.

Indian Yoga Sessions

International Yoga sessions were organized at Medi-Caps University daily. The delegates from China, Egypt, Japan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Russia and Morocco attend sessions for learning yoga hosted by the University for promoting the divineness, spirituality and powerful history of Yoga that India beholds.

As concluding remark, we wish to thank the support of University and its management to provide us with an opportunity to hold event of such kind. It is the tireless effort of activity incharge of various events on above mentioned agenda, that we could successfully host and enjoy them. As a token of appreciation, we acknowledge the pillars of our committee and they are:

Mr. R.C Mittal Chancellor
Mr. Gopal ji Agrawal Pro Vice Chancellor
Dr. Sunil K Somani Vice Chancellor
Ms. Latika Mehrotra Faculty Coordinator (AIESEC)
Ms. Kanupriya Joshi Activity Incharge
Mr. Sukhdev Bamboriya Activity Incharge
Mr. Shashank Agrawal Activity Incharge
Ms. Pooja Singh Activity Incharge
Mr. Sahil Kundra Student Coordinator
Mr. Viraj Hawaldar Student Coordinator
Ms. Manisha Kathiria Student Coordinator