Monday, 20 January, 2020
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Central Library

Books are man's best friend, At Medi-Caps, the library is a fountain to satiate the thirst of knowledge for teachers and students as well. As a backbone of the Institute, it provides facilities for learning, teaching, research and handling consultancy projects. The library is fully computerized being a member of DELNET New Delhi. Soon it will be connect to the network, where several million books will be accessible by the users.

The Central Library has an area of about 35000 sq. ft. The Central library is stocked with over 90,000 books, magazines, reference articles, archives, encyclopaedic collections, and more than 300 national & international journals. Everyday, new books are pouring into the library. In addition, the library has a steady flow of newspapers, magazines and journals on subjects related to Management, Science and Technology. Moreover, a good collection of Video Cassettes and Compact Discs (CDs) and DVDs for having the exposure to latest technological developments is also available.

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