Forensic Science

Our vision is to inspire new forensic scientists to search for the truth and to make the World a Better and Safer place to live through science and shape the future of the field using new knowledge and innovation.

Foto Imparting highest quality education to the students to build their capacity and enhancing their skills to make them globally competitive inForensic Science. Provide exemplary forensic science education in Criminalistics, including DNA identification analysis. Develop in the students the skill necessary for working in this profession including ethics, integrity, the ability to devise innovative methods and techniques and the capacity to integrate new technology. This comprehensive program incorporates a unique curriculum that balances breadth and depth of study through scholarly coursework which incorporates the logic and workings of the criminal justice system. In depth coursework covers the theoretical underpinnings of the biological and physical sciences as used in the collection, analysis, interpretation, reporting, and testimony of evidence.