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Management Studies Department

About Department
Department of Management studies is a flagship knowledge center of  Medi-Caps University, today is a knowledge powerhouse and a brand name in higher education. Over seventeen years, the department with one vision which ensured that everything was consigned to posterity, making sure that generation after generation of students enjoys the fruits of the value inculcated by the founders.
Department of Management studies  is a name to remember, not just across the length and breadth of M.P, but nationwide. The fact that students from 12 states of India are studying here is a testimony to this fame.
Fired by the desire to provide in-depth knowledge about Management subjects to the people of the country, Institute transformed the plateau into what it now is. The Institute turned the wilderness into a sanctuary of education. Located on the western region of M.P it was this plateau that our chairman Shri R.C Mittal decided to change. His vision for Medi-Caps covered a wide spectrum of interests because he himself donned many hats. He is a visionary industrialist and a philanthropist by heart.
The emphasis has always been, and still is, on quality education, which is why the degrees offered by the university through Department of Management studies are recognized all over the nation. The department provides excellent educational facilities to over 1000  students in its institute. It also has an active alumni base of over 5000 students across the world. The institution is located on scenic campuses, which provide high quality lifestyle and ideal environment for study. All campuses have excellent infrastructure for academic activities, sports and other extracurricular activities. The infrastructure includes air-conditioned lecture halls, skills lab, air-conditioned hostels, and multi-cuisine food court. The state-of-the-art centrallibrary accommodates 10,500 books and has over 20 journals and periodic.

Medi-Caps Group Group of Institution

Dr. Harish B Bapat (Dean)
Education: MBA, LLB, Ph.D.(Management), FDP(IIM)

At Medi-Caps University, we innovate & evolve learning environment as fast as the business practices changes globally in various areas of management from Operations, HR, Marketing, Systems to none less than high end e-business solutions and Business Analytics.Our innovations blend all these streams on various verticals to create leaders for a wide range of business opportunities.We donít just teach students but work with them as our participants in a mutually challenging environment.I therefore invite all aspiring Business Management students, who are looking for an environment of a big B-school to explore Management program for a rewarding career.

Name Designation Qualification Total Experience
Dr. Harish B Bapat (Dean) HOD MBA, LLB, Ph.D.(Management), FDP(IIM) 20 Years
Dr. Rashmi Somani Associate Professor PhD finance, MBA finance, FCA, PGDIM 14 Years
Ms. Gitika Agrawal Associate Professor MBA 7 Years
Dr. Mukesh Porwal Associate Professor Ph.D. (Management), MBA (Marketing & IT), B.Sc.(PCM) 15 Years
Ms. Preeti Singh Assistant Professor MBA (Finance & H.R. ) 4 Years
Dr. Sunil Mishra Associate Professor BE (EEE) ,MBA, PhD ( IIT Khadagpur ) 15 Years
Ms. Sneha Raghuvanshi Assistant Professor MBA (Finance & Marketing ) M.Com. 3 Years
Ms. Sheetal Jaldhari Assistant Professor MBA ,BE, PhD ( Persuing ) 3 Years
Ms. Bhavana Bagherwal Assistant Professor MBA( Marketing) B.Com. (A/c & Tax) Ph.D( Pursuing) 2.5 Years
Ms. Ruchi Kushwah Assistant Professor MBA ( Fin.& Marketing)UGC Net ( Mgt. )PhD ( Persuing) 6 Years
Mr. Sushil Laddhu Assistant Professor MBA ( Marketing)UGC Net ( Mgt. )PhD ( Persuing) 16 Years
Ms Misha Jain Assistant Professor MBA 5.7 Years
Ms Mragakshi Tiwari Assistant Professor MBA 0.9 Years
Ms Priyanka Gupta Assistant Professor MBA 0.6 Years
Mr Vikas Chauhan Assistant Professor MBA
Ms Vinitha Nair Assistant Professor MBA
Ms. Navreen Kaur Assistant Professor MBA, UGC NET
Mr. Rohit Joshi Assistant Professor MBA ,BE, (E.I.)
Dr. Gunjan Baheti Assistant Professor Ph.D, MBA, B.Com 10.9 Years
Ms. Nupur Banerjee Assistant Professor MBA, B.Sc 7 Years
Mr. Abhijeet Singh Assistant Professor MBA, BBA 2 Years
Ms. Juhi Joshi Assistant Professor MBA, B.Com
Ms. Davinder Kaur Malik Assistant Professor MBA, BBA 2 Years


Course NameIntake Duration
BBA (Digital Marketing) 60 3 years
BBA 120 3 year


Course NameIntake Duration
MBA 300 2 years
  • 1st Convocation ceremony for MBA Pioneer batch 2016-18 held on 23rd September 2018
  • Expert Lecture on Stock Market Awarness Programme by "Stockmind" by Management Studies held on 25/01/2017
  • Expert Lecture on Human Behaviour, Knowledge about logistics & supply chain Management by Management Studies held on 27/01/2017
  • Workshop on Practical hands on Statistical Package for Social Sciences (IBM-SPSS) held on 29th-30th April 2017.