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Civil Engineering (Civil) Department


The Department is committed to give the best of exposure to budding civil engineers to various challenges in profession.
To offer world-class undergraduate education, professional consultancy, outreach and manpower training as well as leadership in Civil Engineering.


To emphasizes deep understanding of fundamental principles, development of creative ability to handle the challenges of Civil Engineering, and the analytical ability to solve problems which are interdisciplinary in nature.


The Department of Civil Engineering, since its formation is empowering the quality education in the field of civil engineering. It has grown tremendously over the years and is now recognized as one of the major engineering departments.
Department of civil engineering (CE) was started with an intake of 60 students in the year 2009. The current intake of students is 180. The department offers B.E. degree in Civil Engineering.

Medi-Caps Group Group of Institution

Dr. Ramakant Agrawal
Education: Ph.D. M. Tech. B.E

Name Designation Qualification Total Experience
Mr. A.K. Deora Associate Professor M.Tech 29 Years
Dr. Rajeev Kumar Professor PhD (Structural engineering) 19 Years
Mr. Ruchir Lashkari Senior Assistant Professor M.Tech (Environmental engineering) 8 Years
Mr. Alok Rarotiya Assistant Professor M.E. ( Transportation engineering) 6.7 Years
Ms. Yogita Tripathi Assistant Professor BE 3years
Mr. Shashank Agrawal Assistant Professor B.E, ME(water resources) 1.5 Years
Mr.Yash Mothe TA BE
Ms. Shweta Jain Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech (pursuing) 1.5 Years
Ms. Monika Pagare Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech (pursuing) 1.5 Years
Mr. Deepak Patel Assistant Professor BE, M. Tech Pursuing 1.5 Years
Dr. Ramakant Agrawal HOD Ph.D. M. Tech. B.E
Nitika Thora Assistant Professor M.Tech 3.4 Years
Mr. Chaitanya Mishra Assistant Professor M.Tech 29 Years
Mr Bhupendra Kumar Sirbaiya Assistant Professor M.E, B.E
Mr Ankit Soni Assistant Professor M.Tech. (Pur.), B.E. 0
Mr. Ajay Sinha TA BE 0
Mr. Ubaid L Hanfee TA M.Tech.(Pur) 0
Mr. Shweta Mandloi TA BE
Mr. Abhishek Agrawal Assistant Professor M.Tech. 1.6
Mr. Ashwin Sharma Assistant Professor BE 1
Mr. Deepak Jain Assistant Professor BE 0
Ms. Megharima Datta Assistant Professor M.Tech, B.Tech
Mr. Raj Joshi Assistant Professor M.Tech, B.E, GATE
Mr. Ajit Kumar Jain Assistant Professor M.Tech, B.E
Mr Vinay Joshi Assistant Professor MTech
Mr. Anurag Tripathi Assistant Professor M.Tech, BE 3.5 Years
Mr. Ashwin Parihar Assistant Professor ME, BE 1.5 Years


Course NameIntake Duration
BTech 180 4 Year

1. Geo-Tech Lab


Geo-Tech/Soil Mechanics laboratory is well equipped with all latest testing facilities required for identification and classification, determination of strength and compressibility characteristics of soils.
The various equipments available in the lab are:

  • Direct shear test apparatus
  • Vane shear apparatus
  • Swell Pressure Test Apparatus
  • Permeability test apparatus (constant + falling head)
  • Proctor compaction apparatus
  • Triaxial  compression test apparatus
  • CBR apparatus
  • Plate load apparatus
  • Plastic limit apparatus
  • Shrinkage limit apparatus
  • Liquid limit device
  • Static cone penetrometer
  • Unconfined compression tester (proving ring type) (motorized)
  • Load truss
  • Soil Extruder
  • Core cutter with dolly rammer
  • Consolidometer
  • Lateral Pressure Assembly
  • Rapid Moisture Meter
  • Relative Density Apparatus
  • Sand pouring cylinder
  • Electronic weighing balance of capacity 50kg
  • Pycnometer
  • Hot air oven

2.Construction Material & Techniques Lab


The CMT Laboratory is equipped with facilities for testing of construction materials like cement, sand, coarse aggregates and concrete.  The Laboratory is fully equipped with latest testing equipments of industrial specification.
Various equipments available in the lab are:

  • Compaction Factor Apparatus
  • Vicat apparatus
  • Variable flow type air permeability apparatus
  • Compression Testing Machine (Digital) Of Capacity 2000kN
  • Vibrating Machine
  • Slump test apparatus
  • Vibrating Table
  • Flow Table With Cone (Motorized)
  • Vee-Bee Consistometer
  • Laboratory concrete mixer
  • Temperature Controlled Water Bath
  • Sieve Shaker Motorized
  • Concrete test hammer
  • Mortar penetrometer
  • Cement auto clave
  • Le-Chatelier Mould
  • GI And Brass Sieves
  • Cube Mould
  • Electric Oven

3. Transportation Lab


Several instruments exist in the lab for conducting materials testing and characterization tests.
The various equipments available in the lab are:

  • Aggregate impact test apparatus
  • Aggregate crushing value apparatus
  • Field CBR test apparatus
  • Los angles abrasion testing machine
  • Ductility testing machine
  • Universal penetrometer
  • Ring and ball apparatus
  • Marshall apparatus
  • Centrifuge extractor
  • Flash point tester
  • Thickness gauge
  • Length gauge

4. Strength Of Material Lab


Strength of Materials Laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various applications.

5. Engineering Geology Lab


This laboratory is equipped with instruments and samples for identification of minerals and rocks.

  • Mineral specimens
  • Rock specimens
  • Hardness set of  minerals
  • Transparency double refraction
  • Plastic specimen tray
  • Streak plates

6. Survey Lab


The laboratory has all required equipments and facilities for conducting practical courses in Surveying. All the equipments/instruments along with its accessories are in sufficient numbers to carry out different practicals and to perform survey camps.
The various equipments available in the lab are:

  • Total Station
  • Auto Level
  • Dumpy Level
  • Digital planimeter
  • Digital  and Vernier Theodolite
  • GPS Device
  • Prismatic Compass
  • Surveyor’s Compass
  • Leveling Staff
  • Engineers Plane Table
  • Measuring Chain
  • Metal Ranging Rods
  • Stadia Rod

7. Applied Mechanics Lab


The purpose of the Laboratory is to study the mechanical behavior of the structures and machines using theoretical, numerical and experimental methods and to provide better understanding of the subject. Mechanical behavior is understood here to imply the statics, dynamics and stability of both rigid and deformable objects.

8.Fluid Mechanics Lab


This lab introduces students, the practical knowledge of behavior of fluids which they have earlier studied by using mathematical equations. It involves study of various properties of the fluid, such as velocity, pressure, density and temperature, as functions of space and time. Hydraulics is concerned with the flow and conveyance of fluids, principally water. Application of Hydraulics includes fluid mechanics, fluid flow, and behavior of real fluids, hydrology, pipelines, open channel hydraulics, and mechanics of sediment transport, physical modeling, hydraulic machines, and drainage hydraulics.

  • On 4 April 2013, Medi-Caps Group of Institutions witnessed the inauguration of the student chapter of Indian Concrete Institutes. Medi-Caps Institute of Science and Technology was overwhelmed with the presence of dignitaries like Mr A K Tiwari, Vice President, Ultratech Cement India Pvt. Ltd, Dr J S Chouhan, Chairman, Indian Concrete Institute, M.P. Region and “The Demolition ManMr S B Sarwate. Mr Chouhan and Mr Tiwari enriched the students with their lectures. Students Palash Solanki and Prateek Jain were appointed as President and Vice- President respectively.
  • Department of Civil Engineering organized a State Level Civil Engineering Quiz Competition in the month of September where Prateek Kumar Singh and Vanshdeep Singh Parmar of Medi-Caps were the winners.
  • On 22nd and 23rd Februay. The Civil Engineering Department organized an education tour to Jalud Water Treatment Plant for III year student where they learnt about water treatment process at various stages and design of the plant. The students covered the sited of the plant of 90 MLD and the modern third phase plant 210 MLD water supply.
  • On 10th May 2013, the students of II year of Civil Engineering Department were taken to three different sited as an educational Visit. Fist, Amrapali Group sit was visited where excavation and foundation of column-footing was observed. From there the students moved on to vsit CASA-Greens and leanrt about the various steps involved in the construction of row houses i.e. from superstructure. From there they visited the site balajui skies where the new technology i.e. he usage of fly ash bricks(an industrial waste product) is used in construction.
  • Govinda Nawal of CE III year had presented paper in National Conference at Prestige College which was held in association with Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE) and secured the Second prize.
  • The students have also proven their entrepreneurship in Bridge Building Competition at SGSITS Indore and at IIT Powai of which Tarun Sadhwani of CE III year got the First prize in Paper Bridge Building competition.
  • The Department of Civil Engineering organized several industrial visits to acquaint students with the realities. The students were taken to a number of bridge sites such as bridge at Pithampur road , MHOW, Bandganga Road, etc. They also conducted a technical visit to Maheshwar Dam.