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Chemistry Department

Department of Engineering Chemistry is an inter-disciplinary domain at the Medi-Caps University, Indore. The department is bound to provide high quality manpower andresearch inputs that are of utmost importance for the growth of our nation. One of the major objectives of this department is to work for the creation and application of knowledge in our disciplines and to communicate scientific understanding to students, peers, and the communities we serve. Our partnerships with educational, scientific, and business communities foster a dynamic learning environment. We actively engage graduate students in learning and connect them to opportunities in employment and education. We are working to play an important decisive role in the carrier of students by helping them become world class professionals; who can face future technical challenges. The department, under the dynamic leadership of its Head, Prof. (Dr.) Preeti Jain, is focused to turn students into outstanding professionals and lays stress upon most modern methods of teaching i.e. applying the latest technological tools. Students would find their classes interesting and lively because of these. It is not only because of its trendsetting infrastructure but it is more so because of the faculty members who are well qualified with masters/doctorate from institutes of repute with international exposure on  working /scientific visits and have a number of national and international publications to their name. In addition, our efforts are directed towards providing innovative energy technologies and systems to mitigate the global problem of environmental changes.

The department equips students with technical knowledge, skill and ability; motivating them to think creatively, helping them to act independently and take decisions accordingly in all their scientific pursuits and other endeavours. It strives to equip and empower its students and faculty members to contribute to the development of society and Nation.

We currently focus on developing new technologies in treatment of wastewater, green technologies in synthesis of corrosion inhibitors and nanoparticles, greener pathways for the synthesis of organic pharmaceutical compounds.Meanwhile, we also concentrate on development of energy efficient technologies. We are rigorously working on strengthening existing research groups and establishing new research teams.

The department is a part of different undergraduate programs BE 1st yr, Engineering Chemistry (Theory and Practical); EEES (Energy, Environment, Ecology and Society –Theory: 1st and 2nd Semester), Environmental Engineering I & II (Civil Engineering –6thand 7thSemester practicals) to post-graduate programmes (M. Tech.) in Nanotechnology, Diploma(Engg.). Environmental Science in BBA, BSc, BCA and BCom.

Medi-Caps Group Group of Institution

Dr. Preeti Jain
Education: M.Sc. (Organic and Inorganic Chemistry both) and Ph.D. (Environmental Chemistry).

Dr.Preeti Jain, presently working as Professor and the Head of Department of Chemistry, Medi-Caps  University, Indore, has been associated with the institute since the year 2000. She is M.Sc. (Organic and Inorganic Chemistry both) and Ph.D. (Environmental Chemistry). She has published 32 research papers in National/International Journals and Conferences. Ten books have been published under the discipline of Engineering Chemistry (Theory and Practical both), EEES (Environment) and one international Environmental Nanotechnology Book published by LAP Publishing House Germany. She is also a fellow member of International congress of chemistry and environment and also a member of editorial board of SCI indexed journal Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment. She has been an active participant in International conference at Thailand in the year 2010 where her research paper was appreciated very much. A national symposium on Climate change and Environment management was organised under the convenor ship of Dr.Preeti Jain in Medi-Caps University during August 2011. A national workshop on Good Laboratory Practices and Environmental Issues was also held under the guidance of Dr.Preeti Jain (Convenor) at Medi-Caps University during 22-23 January 2014. She is the cultural head of the activities being carried out at Medi-Caps University. She has headed the exam team which was involved in conducting various exams (RGPV, other competitive exams) centered at Medi-Caps. She is the advisor of the major activities regarding first year engineering curriculum. She has been very encouraging towards the faculties for research projects and academic development. Her contribution in the establishment of advanced laboratory for the engineering courses as well as research purposes is consistent.

Name Designation Qualification Total Experience
Dr. Preeti Jain HOD M.Sc. (Organic and Inorganic Chemistry both) and Ph.D. (Environmental Chemistry). 19
Dr.Anjali Soni Sr. Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc., Ph.D, SET Qualified 17.4
Dr. Jeetendra Bhawsar Assistant Professor B.Sc., M.Sc, Ph.D. 10
Dr.Ranju Yadav Assistant Professor M.Sc.,Ph.D(Environmental Science), NET Qualified 14 Years
Ms.Devashri Kapade Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc 7.5
Dr. Arifa Sheikh Assistant Professor B.Sc., M.Sc (Chemistry), Ph.D. 7.5
Ms. Hitendra Kaur Sidhwani Assistant Professor B.Sc., M.Sc (Organic Chemistry), NET Qualified 6.3
Ms Yashmin Ara Teaching Assistant MSc Chemistry 6 Years
Mr Nitin Tulapurkar Assistant Professor M.Sc.
Dr Archana Chaudhary Assistant Professor Ph.D (Chemistry), PGDIPR, GATE Qualified 8 Years
Dr. Rajendra Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc, B.Ed, NET Qualified 15.5 Years
Dr. Anamika Singh Assistant Professor Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc 7 Years
Ms. Sanskruti Verma Teaching Assistant M.Sc, B.Sc


Course NameIntake Duration
M.Sc. 30 2 Years

Chemistry Department


The department has the following laboratories under its aegis: Engineering Chemistry (2 laboratories) and Environmental Engineering (1 laboratory) in which various samples of lubricants, fuel and water can be analysed respectively. Lubricant analysis includes flash and fire point determination, viscosity determination, cloud and pour point, aniline point, steam emulsification number, drop point, iodine number, saponification value, acid value/neutralisation number, penetration number. Fuel testing is performed with respect to calorific value, fixed carbon, ash content, carbon residue, volatile content and moisture content, nitrogen and sulphur estimation. Water analysis regarding determination of pH, acidity, alkalinity, TDS, TSS, hardness, chlorides, residual chlorine, DO, COD, BOD, coagulant dose, all spectrophotometric analysis, turbidity, salinity, micobiological analysis, nitrogen estimation, flame photometric determination of Na/K.

  • Department of chemistry has successfully completed Two weeks M.Sc. Internship programme from 2 January to 15 January 2018
  • Two Expert Lecture was held on 21st October, 2016 and 21st February, 2017 on “Advanced Engineering Materials and its application” for the I  Year B. Tech. students at Medi-Caps University. Dr. B. Thirumala Rao, Plasmonic Scientist, RRCAT had delivered both the lectures which covered the following topics: Superconductors, Optical Fibres, Nanomaterials.
  • National Science Day was celebrated on 28th February, 2017 to mark the contribution of Sir CV Raman. The celebration involved the following events: an Exhibition cum Model making competition, an expert lecture and a movie screening.