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Physics Department

The department is committed to provide quality education to the students. Along with the regular completion of the course, the department is organizing several activities like seminars, quizzes, role plays etc. for the students, which are very useful for them in dealing with difficult topics of the syllabus easily and in a simple and interesting manner. Students are also being given the projects in the form of working model of various instruments, educational charts, article- writing on recent scientific and technological topics etc. The laboratory of the department is equipped with many advanced experiments related to lasers and optical fibers, electronics, etc. Apart from teaching, the faculty members of the department are actively involved in the research activities. In last 13 years the faculty members have published around sixty research papers in national and international journals.

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Dr. Abbas Ali Koser
Education: M Sc., Phd

Prof.Koser has been a pillar of Engineering Physics department since 2000. He is also the Dean(Student) and also the In-charge of BE First year. He is a popular teacher among the students. Along with handling various administrative responsibilities his area of interest includes Nano Physics. Prof.Koser’s inclination towards academics and research has made him publish 22 research papers in well known national and international journals and author 2 books on Engineering Physics. His interest in Nanotechnology developed after visiting Kazan (Russia) and due to his initiative the institute is presently running Nanotechnology under his guidance.

Name Designation Qualifiction Total Experience
Dr. Abbas Ali Koser HOD M Sc., Phd 20
Dr. Malyaj Das Assistant Professor Ph.D 13
Dr. Mohd Shakil Qureshi Assistant Professor M. Sc., Ph. D. 13
Dr. P Hari Krishna Assistant Professor B.Sc, M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D. 9
Mr. Anand Yadav Assistant Professor M.Sc. M. Phil. M. Tech 10
Ms.Pooja Narwat Assistant Professor B.Sc., M.Tech./M.Sc. 7
Ms. Bhawna Kshirsagar Assistant Professor B.Sc, M.Sc 6
Ms. Reshmi S P Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech. 0.7
Ms. Mala Mangwani Assistant Professor M.Sc 7.9
Ms. Hasina Adil Assistant Professor 12 Years